Do you have a place in a marathon, but aren't really sure what to do?
Signing up for a marathon is exciting...
...and nerve-wracking.
How much should you run, and when?
What should you eat?
What about strength work?
or stretching?
How much is too much & what's not enough?
Imagine yourself the week before your marathon - instead of being stressed or worried, you're relaxed and confident. 
Why? Because you know your training covered all the bases... 
With 3 Months to Marathon, you'll...
  • Easily plan every week for the 12 weeks leading up to your marathon (scheduled around your actual life, where you have, you know, other responsibilities too)
  • Feel confident you know why you're doing what and when for your training runs, conditioning training, stretching/recovery (without spending hours decoding complicated information)
  • Know your eating isn't sabotaging your training because you're replenishing the nutrients that matter with normal foods like pasta and chicken - no fad diets or chia seed goji berry shakes here! 
  • Feel looser and more in touch with your muscles with regular sports massage (so you know exactly where to focus your stretching) 
  • Have perfect form because your personal trainer makes sure your exercises are spot on and helps your running form 
  • Relax knowing you've got every aspect of your marathon training covered, with the option for extra sessions if you need it. 
Already know what you want? 
... or read on to see what's included
3M2M Digital Guides & Planners
Everything you need to plan your training runs, nutrition, conditioning and stretching:
  • Running Guides: for 1st marathon and repeat, which runs to schedule and why - including a week-by-week sample training plan and how to calculate your long run pacing so you'll reach your goal marathon time
  • Running & Nutrition Planners: Plan your runs, conditioning, and meals week-by-week
  • Nutrition Guide: The details about how your body uses food as fuel, and how to combine carbs and protein to help your body repair after training plus meal formulas to help you build your meals correctly around your training
  • Conditioning Guide: core and resistance workouts to improve running economy, whether you're new to conditioning or a seasoned pro
  • Stretching and Recovery Guide: the ultimate stretching guide for runners, with how to stretch, when and why, plus top post-training recovery tips
  • Easy to read on your smartphone or tablet during commutes or while waiting in line
Sports Massage for Marathon
  • Running MOT's to find out where you're overly tight
  • Help with training recovery and post-workout soreness
  • Insight to your muscular imbalances and where you should focus your self-care
  • Not just for legs - each session designed for what you need the most that day
Personal Training
  • Personalised tips on your running form 
  • Confidence that your strength and core training technique is correct
  • Adapted exercises if you're recovering from injury or need additional support
  • Encouragement to push yourself (safely) that little bit further
Choose from a range of packages to suit every budget:
DIY bundle
Save 30% over buying individually  
  • Running Guide for your 1st marathon: £8
  • Running Guide for Repeat Marathoners: £8
  • Running Planner: £7
  • Nutrition Guide: £8
  •  Nutrition Planner: £7
  • Conditioning Guide: £8
  •  Stretching Guide: £8  (coming soon)
Massage, PT & Guides Bundle
  • All the guides & planners
  • 3 x 60 min sports massages
  • 3 x 60 min PT sessions
  • 1 x 30 min post-marathon massage
  • 10% off all additional massage sessions in the 12 weeks before your marathon
  • Bespoke training & stretching advice
  • *Or 3 monthly installments of £112 (includes £19 admin fee for payment plan)
Massage package
 Massage & Guides Bundle
  • All the guides & planners
  • 3 x 60 min sports massages
  • 1 x 30 min post-marathon massage
  • 10% off all additional massage sessions in the 12 weeks before your marathon
  • Bespoke stretching advice
  • *Or 2 monthly installments of £105 (includes a £13 admin fee for payment plan)
 1 x Massage & PT Session, Guides Bundle
  • All the guides & planners
  • 1 x 90 min running MOT massage
  • 1 x 60 min PT session
  • 10% off all additional massage sessions in the 12 weeks before your marathon
  • Bespoke training & stretching advice
And, because we can all use a little extra help...
Bonus: Scheduling Consult
When you purchase any package with a massage (so, except the DIY) you get a free 15-minute consultation phone call or face to face to talk about any scheduling questions you have for your sessions. 
Bonus: Inspiration Emails
Training for a marathon can be hard, especially when facing down a 16 or 18-mile run.
Every week you'll get an email with an inspiring marathon quote and encouragement to help keep you going.
Our no-worries guarantee means you can try 3M2M, with no risk to you:
If there's anything you don't like about the guides or package, from the style of the writing to the colour scheme, you can get a no-questions-asked refund on any package (minus any PT or massage sessions already used) within 14 days of purchase.

Suffer a freak injury? Hold on to it for next time, or we'll happily refund you any un-redeemed portion of your  package
3M2M was created by people who understand marathon training has to fit in with the rest of your life... 
Katherine Creighton Crook
Katherine is the creator of the 3M2M packages, author of the guides, and founder of Leyton Sports Massage, a sport & remedial massage clinic in East London. Having worked with marathoners for almost 8 years, she knows how hard it can be to fit in everything around work, family, and life.  

Katherine believes that people should be able to enjoy the activities they love pain-free, and is dedicated to empowering her clients by helping them understand how their body works so they can improve their own self-care. When you buy one of the packages with massage you'll be working with one of the massage therapists at her clinic in either Leyton or Walthamstow.
Michel Glendinning
Michel is a fully qualified personal trainer who specialises in running and founder of Thrive Fitness, a personal training company in East London. When you get one of the packages including PT you'll be working with her or one of her personal trainers. Michel created the training programmes and provided nutrition tips in the 3M2M series.

Michel believes in 'no fads, just fitness'. She takes great pride in working with her clients to train for various running events from 5k to full marathon. She puts together comprehensive training programmes, combining speed, endurance and strength work to train them safely and effectively for their races. 
Not sure if these packages are right for you?
This may be for you if...
  • You are a regular runner, and can run at least 6 miles (for first timers) or 8-10 (for repeat marathon runners looking to improve their time)
  • You want to understand both the why and what when it comes to your training, but don't want doctorate-level detail
  • You want to keep an eye on where you're developing tension and your form in general
  • You have at least 11 weeks before your marathon - while the programme is designed for 12 weeks, if you've already been training and running appropriately, you can start during your 12th week to marathon.
This probably isn't for you if...
  • You can't run more than one or two miles
  • You want a lot of detail - like chemical formulas and charts and graphs about the biological processes involved (we do provide explanations, but in plain English & only what you need to understand the why behind the what)
  • You're not really interested in what's going on with your body - you just want to go out and run
  • You already know exactly how to train for a marathon, eat, condition and stretch (in which case, we won't be telling you anything new!)
  • Your marathon is less than a month away
Common Questions or Concerns
Which package is right for me?
If you'd like help with your form, try to get a package that includes the PT. If you only want an overview of what's going on with you, and then manage yourself, the Kick-Start Package may be right. If you'd like to check in regularly during your training, we recommend the Ultimate. If you ever feel like you need more, you can purchase more massages or a block of PT sessions at a discount.

Still not sure? You can email us at for more help and advice.
If I purchase now, when can I start?
When you order, you'll get immediate access to the guides and planners, except the stretching and conditioning guides which will be sent out as soon as they're finished.

For any packages with PT/massage, we will be in touch within 24 hours (working days) to arrange your sessions. If you don't hear from us by then please get in touch, just in case your email and/or phone number didn't come through correctly, to ensure we can schedule your preferred times.
Where are the massage and PT sessions?
Leyton Sports Massage has two locations, one in Leyton and one in Walthamstow, both very close to tube stations. 

Thrive Fitness trains in local parks and gyms around East London, and in some cases (depending on location) can even come to you. 
I'm not in London - can 3M2M still help me?
If you're outside of London, we recommend the DIY package - you'll get the full set of guides so you can use them to plan your training and nutrition. 

The guides also include details of how to find qualified PT's and sports massage therapists if you're not local to East London.
I have an injury - will this be safe for me?
If you have any injury or health condition, we strongly recommend you check with a healthcare professional before starting this programme. While we can do some assessments with all but the DIY packages, we are not able to diagnose any problems and you must make sure you're okay to start an intensive training programme before following the guides. 
I have an underlying medical condition, can I follow the guides?
The guides have been written with the assumption that you don't have any underlying medical conditions. 

If you want to follow the guides for your marathon training, you should consult with your relevant healthcare practitioner so they can advise you of any way in which you need to adapt the advice for your condition.

Depending on your condition, you may be able to follow the guides for your training, but we aren't able to confirm that for you. 
Money is a little tight right now...
We know that people are in different places, money-wise, so there's a range of packages, from very affordable for self-starters (the DIY) to Ultimate with lots of help, and a couple in-between. 

Every package works out as a better deal than buying the items individually. 

Ultimately, you know best what you can afford and how much you'll really do on your own, vs what being totally confident in your marathon prep plan and not wasting your time cobbling something together you're not sure of is worth to you. If you need any additional information to help you with this decision, we're happy to talk options through with you, just call us at 020 8185 7364 or email 
I'm a veggie/vegan - can I still use the nutrition guide?
The bulk of the nutrition guide is explaining why you need carbs, protein, and different vitamins and minerals, and different sources for those elements (both animal and non). Meal formulas are provided so you know how to structure your meals. 

While the sample meals are a little more weighted towards omnivores, there is information included that allows you to adopt the meals so you still get complete proteins without include animal products (although this may be easier for veggies than vegans).
I'm not very good at planning...
If you have a place in a marathon, you know you need to do some sort of training. 3M2M was created because I know it's hard to juggle the mammoth task of training properly around life, and the planners and guides were designed to make it as easy as possible to schedule your training. 

Spend 30 minutes a week on your plan for the next week, and you'll have everything scheduled, knowing you've got all your bases covered. 

If you have regular massage, or the PT sessions, we'll encourage you to get the job done, and the inspiration emails will give you that extra motivation - besides, it's only 3 months! 
Is there any additional support available?
Outside of the PT and massage sessions, at the moment, there isn't - but there has been talk of a facebook page... If that's something you'd like, let us know, and if we have enough requests we'll set one up.
Who will I see if I get massage & PT?
When you sign up for massage and/or PT sessions, Katherine and Michel will talk with you personally to arrange your sessions, suggesting the best fit for you based on that conversation. With any massage package, a free phone consultation is included to discuss how to best schedule your massages alongside your training.  Would you like more information about the LSM massage therapists and Thrive personal trainers? You can check out the massage therapists here, and Thrive's trainers here.
I have a question that's not listed here.
For any questions not included here, feel free to email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Let us help you make your marathon awesome.
Ready to start? Here's what happens next:
1. Click the button above to choose your package

2. Once you complete your payment, you'll get immediate access to all the guides and planners (minus the conditioning & stretching guide, which will be emailed as soon as they're finished)

The guides and planners are all digital, so you can download them from the confirmation page and you'll receive a link via email.

3. If you're getting massage or PT sessions, we will call you within 24 hours (working days only) to schedule your sessions (or email if you prefer).

4. We will advise you the best way to fit your massage and/or PT into your training programme.

5. You'll receive a welcome email to the programme, and then every week you'll get the bonus inspiration email series. 

6. If you have any questions, or are missing anything, send us an email at and we'll be happy to help. 
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